Khatoon Iranian company is proud of providing raw materials for the chemical industry in the field of detergents, cosmetics, paints, plastics. 

Additionally, consulting about formulation, technical knowledge, all necessary STANDARDS & CERTIFICATES, purchasing of machinery and commissioning of production lines and ... training stuff is also serves industries and producers are respected.

From idea to producing of the best quality of products are at our services...

Every time you will find us on your side.



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About Us

Our company established in 2005 with providing raw materials for producer in plastic, cosmetic, paint and detergent fields.

We closely cooperate with the lots of Iranian producer and consumers that consistently adjust the products to ensure their technical and practical suitability. Not only does this process involve the further development of established products, but it also takes completely develop our view for new services and products.

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 unit 5 - second floor No. 10 Taghdiri St. Sadeghieh Sq. Tehran Iran